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Posted by Helen Rutledge on

If you are like me, you find it easier to work if you are surrounded by things you love.  I just realized my home is full of things I love. Instead of looking at all the chores and distractions around my home that make work frustrating, I am channeling “a love and meaning ethos” to fuel my work. Chores be damned!

I usually allow my to-do list to haunt my psyche most every day.  But given that we are in unusual times, I have decided that this is the perfect opportunity to turn my thinking on its head.  My kids are in their room studying, I am in my new home-office freshly showered and dressed in a beautiful kaftan, and I have never felt more peaceful. We are safe.  There is just my children, my dog and me. There is nowhere we have to be.  And unexpectedly, the creative juices are flowing through all of us - oh the possibilities that may come from this. 

So it occurs to me, these are not the worst of times.  This is a transition time for what could be a new way to envision my world, our world.  There are moments when the unknown and potential for disaster begin to settle in on me and then I take step back - I am given this reprieve now to just feel the peace of this family and home and say it’s ok to just be grateful.  And then I realize it’s ok to count my lucky stars.  No news update for me until 5 pm when the work is done. 

Stay healthy, stay safe, stay home.


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