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Here at Bibelot we want to cater to designers and architects by offering industry discounts and an exclusive first look at our latest items. 

How do you cure a cold and conventional home?  By hiring a whimsy, loving designer who rewrites the rules; blurring the lines of classic, bohemian and contemporary style.
Let Bibelot be your building block for reviving your client’s projects.  We are a celebration of style from around the globe offering you breathtaking and inspiring ideas to help you weave unique and beautiful narratives one glorious room at a time.
Our mission is to recast old school antiques as a desirable, stylish and contemporary proposition.  We offer playful touches that soften the drama of European Antiques.  We are your go-to resource for unique products and architectural elements curated from all over the world at affordable prices.
We have everything you need for stylish living - Welcome to the world of Bibelot!
This is what modern looks like - Are you a Romantic Futurist too?
Style, Peace, and Love,
Helen Rutledge
home deocr and antique store in charleston

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